Julie Nelson’s Constant, Caring Hand to Hearing Well

By Tina Shyver-Plank

Julie Nelson—the owner, operator, and hearing instrument specialist at Jul Hearing Aid Solutions LLC—will put you at ease and address all your hearing needs. She knows hearing loss is not easy to manage and can be frustrating beyond measure. Duly noted are certain complications that can occur when not treating hearing loss. For example, she says, “Not treating it can lead to greater incidence of dementia.” She adds, “My top priority is to make sure you get hearing aids that you will want to put in your ears every day!” Being happy and helping other people be happy is Julie’s deep-seated philosophy.

Julie is from a small town in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, where she was raised on a dairy farm. She currently lives in Mount Joy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Her accolades include having graduated with a diploma from Northern Bedford High School, getting a Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership from Saint Francis University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in computer science from Saint Francis University, attaining a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and receiving a certificate of completion as a hearing instrument specialist from the Pennsylvania Department of Health. She has been in business since 2014, and she has four locations—Mount Joy, Pennsylvania; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Newport, Pennsylvania; and Martinsburg, Pennsylvania.

Be pleased to know she will gently guide you to hearing better in ways that suit your particular needs, accompanied by absolute affordability. When you walk in the door, you will be her primary focus. The face of her business is shaped around a friendly, helpful atmosphere. She will lead you through the process seamlessly. If she determines you have hearing loss, she will fit you with affordable hearing aids and offer a constant, caring hand in maintaining them.

Don’t let such an investment as hearing aids, if needed, scare you. While hearing aids can cost a lot and have a shelf life, there’s something affordable for everyone who wants to hear well. Your continued care is met with compassion and a smile. There are no high-pressure sales. Like buying a toothbrush, there is a race car model for patients who want all the bells and whistles and standard ones for basic needs. It all depends on what your activities are and what challenging hearing environments you encounter each day—along with whatever sleek design you desire in a hearing aid. Ultimately, hearing aids will restore your social life if hearing is an issue.

Hearing better will dramatically change your life. Julie’s attention to detail and personalized customer service are at your disposal. You will leave feeling confident you can engage in conversation and activities with loved ones again. Hearing better is a gateway to so much joy.

What can you expect?

  1. You will get an otoscopic exam to determine if earwax is the cause of your hearing loss.
  2. You will receive a hearing test.
  3. If testing shows hearing aids are needed, Julie will perform a need analysis, hearing aid fittings, and follow-ups.

Come to the place where you will receive respect and customized care. With Julie, there are no worries about being pushed to get hearing aids or to buy the most expensive model.

Julie is married to a state trooper named Robert, and they have two grown children. Also, Julie and Robert have two grandsons, who Julie loves and adores. Spending time with her grandchildren brings her great joy. Playing the piano, singing, and watching the water on the Susquehanna River are some of her other favorite activities. She cherishes her 2019 Corvette Z06, and she is looking forward to participating in activities with the Lancaster County Corvette Club in which she recently became a member. Like you, she wants to experience life to the fullest.